About Me

Hey! I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Jenna (she/her), an animal lover living in Huddersfield with my other half, Liam, and our two pets. A dopey German Shepherd, Jet and a fluffy rescue cat Fred.

When I’m not busy shooting awesome weddings, you’ll probably find me lounging on the sofa drinking coffee, watching Netflix, and scrolling through Instagram on my phone. I love to multitask!

I enjoy a bit of DIY and love home decor projects. I also like to buy cushions that I know will end up on the floor and plants my cat will chew when I’m not looking.

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I mostly listen to alt-rock, metalcore and nu-metal but I’m partial to a whole lot of cheesy 80s and 90s music too (thanks mum).

I spent over 2 years home fostering cats for a local rescue. In that time I fostered and rehomed over 70 cats and kittens! I’ve worked hard to earn the title of crazy cat lady.

I love to travel. My favourite trip was a 3-week tour of Canada! Iceland, Norway and Italy are on my bucket list.

I’m obsessed with binge-watching TV shows and adding them to my list when I’m done! There are currently 160+ on there!

I’ve had every hair colour you can think of! I’m currently ginger but don’t be surprised if that changes before your wedding comes around!

Portrait of Jenna Kathleen, Yorkshire wedding photographer
german shepherd dog in long grass at sunset



Jet (aka Monkey, Monkey-moo, and several other embarrassing pet names)

Works in office security

Likes: Any kind of toy, chasing leaves and following me around the house

Dislikes: Window wipers



Fred (aka Fluff, Freddie-fluff, Fluffy)

The Alpha Female – yes she’s female!

Works as a handwarmer when I’m sat at my desk

Likes: Cheese, eating plants, chasing things around the house

Dislikes: Hoovers

black cat owned by huddersfield wedding photographer

Now you’ve met the team behind your wedding photography, it’s time to say hello and meet us all in real life (or over Zoom…). Pop me (Jenna, not Fred although she is the office boss) an email and we’ll get a chat set up!