Camp Katur North Yorkshire Wedding Photography

woodland wedding ceremony

I’m currently sat writing this Camp Katur wedding photography blog in my pyjamas. This would usually be quite sad on a Friday night except now no one is allowed out anyway so I don’t feel bad! Great news for me and my PJs! (They’re Lion King ones in case you were wondering).

We’re a good few days into lockdown now and I’m sure that most of you will be running out of things to keep you occupied! So why not take 5 from whatever you were doing to look at some pretty woodland wedding photos, sound good?

Woodland Wedding with tipi reception

So here’s a lovely outdoor wedding from last summer that I was lucky enough to be a second shooter for. Camp Katur in Bedale, North Yorkshire is a pretty special venue. What’s special about it is that it’s not really a wedding venue at all in the normal sense of the word, because venue would imply that it had a roof… no. Think trees, and lots of them and a really big open field with wooden huts around the edges for guest accommodation. As the name would suggest it is basically one big campsite.

A long winding pathway guides you through the trees at Camp Katur to a clearing in the woodland where log benches sit either side of a natural ‘aisle’. Matt and Maggie had paper decorations hanging from above and an amazing floral installation at the head of their ceremony. There were lots of laughter, tears and sweet moments throughout as they read their vows to each other.

Camp Katur – A wedding photographer’s dream

Camp Katur is amazing for photography. Everywhere you look you have the perfect backdrop at your disposal and all the natural light you could ever want.

A short skip through some long grass and it was time for the tipi reception. Sun, booze and friends; the only ingredients required! I had an awesome time and I hope to venture out in the sun again one day without time constraints! If you’re looking for a Camp Katur wedding photographer then I’d love to hear from you!


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