Chesterfield Town Hall and Staveley Hall Wedding

bride and groom walking holding hands

Last summer I worked as an associate to photograph a lovely relaxed Town Hall wedding. It was cracking flags all day and the huge smile you’re about to witness from the bride didn’t leave her face the entire time. 

Town Hall Ceremony in Chesterfield

Michelle arrived at Chesterfield Town Hall in a vintage Rolls Royce with bridesmaids, father and son in tow. Inside, James was waiting eagerly along with all their friends and family. His reaction when he finally laid eyes on her was priceless! 

Staveley Hall Wedding Reception

After all the post ceremony laughter hugs and tears, everyone made their way to Staveley Hall to spend the rest of the afternoon sitting around in the sun, talking and drinking beer. Doesn’t sound like a bad day, does it?! The couple had chose to have a BBQ style lunch with burgers and hotdogs and they had garden games to keep the kids and big kids entertained. The weather was so glorious that when the time came James decided to give his speech out on the lawn so no one was deprived of their opportunity to get a tan. 

Later that evening, the couple cut both their cakes (one being made of cheese) before having their first dance in the giant inflatable ‘Air Hall’ attached to the venue. As a bonus, we even managed to sneak a few photos with a gorgeous sunset – always something to watch out for if you’re lucky enough to have a good weather day! 

Shot as an associate for Becky Payne Photography


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