12 Unique & Colourful Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Wedding bouquet with peonies

Inspiration for Your Wedding Flowers

Bouquets come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and styles so it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed when you’re on the lookout for your own wedding flowers. I’m Jenna, a wedding photographer based in Yorkshire with a colourful, relaxed style. I absolutely love photographing wedding flowers, so I’ve put together some of my favourite colourful wedding bouquet ideas to help you decide on your perfect arrangement!

But first – advice on how to plan and choose your very own bunch!

Florist: Orchis Floral Design based in Sheffield
Month: April

What Flowers Should You Have in Your Wedding Bouquet?

We all have a favourite flower, don’t we? Personally, I love peonies and chrysanthemums. I even have tattoos on my arm to prove it! When you’re researching your perfect wedding bouquet you’re going to want to incorporate your favourite flowers in there somewhere.

It’s really important before you start going Pinterest crazy, that you look into the types of flowers that are in season on your wedding date. Bouquets are made fresh in the days before so you need a be aware of what is available at that time. Your wedding florist will be able to help you with this! For example, in the UK peonies are most easily sourced from May-June so they’re the perfect option for a glorious summer wedding. If you’re planning on a winter wedding, then lilies, orchids or roses would be great for your colourful wedding bouquet ideas.

As an extra little help, I’ve included the month under each set of photos in this post so you can see which flowers suit which times of the year.

Florist: Tweedle Floral Design based in Leeds
Month: June

Colour Scheme Ideas for Your Wedding Flowers

It’s easy to get carried away with your colours, but chances are you’ve already decided on an overall colour scheme for your wedding so it’s definitely a good idea to roll with that and not overcomplicate your look. Remember it’s not just your bouquet to think about! If you’re having buttonholes you want them to look good against the colour of your chosen suits. Your florist may also be providing flowers for your table styling or an installation for your ceremony or reception too so it’s important to think about how everything looks together.

My favourite colour combinations are jewel tones; deep reds, blues and purples with lots of lush greenery to really make the colours pop!

Florist: The Petal Studio based in Leeds
Month: October

Wedding Flowers and Symbolism for Your Bouquet

Did you know that flowers have their own language too? Every flower has a different meaning. This might be something to consider when choosing for your wedding! For example, sunflowers represent dedicated love – perfect to represent your feelings towards your soon-to-be husband or wife.

Here’s a great blog post The Knot wrote on popular wedding flowers and their meanings!

Florist: Rock & Wreath, based in Haworth
Month: June

Colourful Bouquet Inspiration

I’ve seen all of these wedding bouquets first-hand and they were all magnificent! There are so many talented wedding florists out there – all these lovely ladies are based around the Yorkshire area. I hope all these colourful bouquet ideas give you all the inspiration you need to start deciding on your own!

Florist: Daisy Hoban Floral Design based in Leeds
Month: June

Florist: Pink Ginger based in Saltaire
Month: February

Florist: Out of the Bloom based in Leeds
Month: September

Wedding Day Flowers | Advice from a Photographer

I’ve learnt a few things as a photographer when it comes to your wedding flowers. So I’ll leave you with some great on-the-day advice!

  • Get your flowers delivered before your photographer arrives! You’ll want your flowers to be included in the getting ready part of your day as that’s when your photographer will be taking lots of detail shots! Also, they will be fresh and look perfect then!
  • Have some kitchen roll or a towel handy. Your bouquet will have been sat in water most of the morning and the last thing you want to happen is for the wet stems to stain your dress! Take them out of the water and dry them off before you get into your wedding dress – just to be on the safe side!
  • Assign a designated bouquet holder! You will need someone to pass your bouquet to when you reach the end of the aisle, this is usually a bridesmaid or someone else on the front row. They can then pass it back to you before you make your exit as newlyweds!
  • Have photos taken with and without your flowers. It’s always nice to have a bit of variation in your couple portraits, so don’t be afraid to drop the bouquet for a few so you and your partner can get cosy!
  • Ask your venue to put a vase with water on your table. That way when you sit down for your meal or evening reception you can have your flowers front and centre whilst also preserving their lifespan! Win-win!

Florist: Botanicals Floristry based in South Yorkshire
Month: October

Neutral colour wedding bouquet with pink and brown tones

Florist: The Flower Girl, Leeds
Month: September

Florist: Hyde Park Flower Club By Dottie’s based in Leeds
Month: December

Florist: Rosemary and Twine, Leyburn

Month: July

Florist: Harvest Moon Floral Art

Month: August