Camp Katur Wedding Photography

camp katur north yorkshire wedding photography

Camp Katur is a stunning outdoor woodland venue in Bedale, North Yorkshire. Last summer I was lucky enough to be asked to second shoot at this venue by a fellow wedding photographer! So why not check out some pretty woodland wedding photography at Camp Katur Glamping, sound good?


Camp Katur is a pretty special venue. What’s special about it is that it’s not really a wedding venue at all in the normal sense of the word, because ‘venue’ would imply that it had a roof… no. Think trees, and lots of them and a really big open field with wooden huts around the edges for guest accommodation. As the name would suggest it is basically one big campsite. It’s the perfect alternative wedding venue, bound to give you the most unforgettable experience!

camp katur woodland ceremony
tipi at camp katur north yorkshire

Woodland Wedding CEREMONY

A long winding pathway guides you through the trees at Camp Katur to a clearing in the woodland where log benches sit on either side of a natural ‘aisle’. The bride and groom had paper decorations hanging from above and an amazing floral installation at the head of their ceremony.

There were lots of laughter, tears and sweet moments throughout as they read their vows to each other. It was a joy to photograph this wedding ceremony amongst the trees at Camp Katur. The weather was amazing! The trees in the ceremony area provide the perfect amount of shade from the sun so the lighting for wedding photography is really flattering.

bride wiping tears at camp katur north yorkshire

tipi reception

A short skip through some long grass and it was time for the tipi wedding reception. Sun, booze and friends were the only ingredients required! Wedding guests played garden games outside in the afternoon and the couple had their speeches and first dance inside the tipi later on.

wedding guests in field at camp katur
tipi wedding set up

Having your couple photo session in the long grass looks incredible too!

couple walking through long grass at camp katur

Camp Katur – A wedding photographer’s dream

Camp Katur is amazing and really suits my style of natural, relaxed and colourful wedding photography. Everywhere you look you have the perfect backdrop at your disposal and all the natural light you could ever want.

I had an awesome time photographing here and I hope to be back for another Camp Katur wedding soon! If you’re looking for a Camp Katur wedding photographer with a relaxed, colourful style then I’d love to hear from you!

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