Helpful Tips on How to Make Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot Amazing

view from curbar edge at sunset with couple

So you’ve read all about pre-wedding shoots on my page and you’ve booked yours! Now let’s talk about how to make your pre wedding photoshoot amazing! Stick around and you’ll lots of helpful tips and ideas for your pre wedding session.

Couple in embrace laughing with trees in the background

How to get the Best out of your Pre Wedding Photographs

Here are my absolute top tips to make sure you nail your pre wedding photoshoot!

1. Choose the Perfect Shoot Location

Your pre wedding shoot is all about the two of you. The location you choose can say a lot about who you are as a couple and what you value in your lives together. There’s no right or wrong answer here, but the more your location means to you, the more you’ll cherish the photos. You might choose to revisit where you first met or where you had your first date. A popular choice for my couples is to have their shoot where they got engaged.

For example, Kat and Sam chose Fountains Abbey for their pre wedding shoot location. Sam proposed whilst they were sat on Anne Boleyn’s seat so it meant a lot for them to have photos together there. You can see more from their Fountains Abbey pre wedding shoot here.

Couple sat under a tree amongst daffodils

If nothing springs to mind straight away, another option is to think about what you both enjoy doing. Are you the adventurous type? Do you enjoy a good hike on a weekend? Would you rather take a leisurely stroll in the park then visit your favourite coffee shop? It’s completely up to you to decide so get those thinking caps on!

In need of some location inspiration? No problem! Here are some locations that I personally think would be perfect for any pre-wedding shoot.

couple hugging looking at each other with hill and canal in background

2. Pick the best time for Photos

The look and feel of the final images in your gallery will be totally different depending on your chosen time. The best time for photos does usually depend on your location. For example, if you fancy having your pre wedding shoot in a city centre then an early morning or weekday evening would be best to avoid angry high-street shoppers. Similarly, if you’re looking for a super romantic peak district session with epic landscapes, then early morning or late evening would be perfect to capture that natural golden light after sunrise/before sunset.

If you plan your timings right, you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds! The two photos below were from the same pre wedding photoshoot with less than an hour between. If you’re not sure when the best time would be for your location, ask your photographer! We’re always more than happy to advise.

Couple walk together under dramatic sky on pre wedding photoshoot
Couple silhouetted at sunset in peak district

3. Wear Outfits that Compliment each other on Camera

This is a less obvious tip, but it can make a huge difference to the end results, trust me! Wearing outfits complimenting each other in style and colour will translate well in your photos. As a general rule, it’s best to avoid obvious brand logos or large text. Wear something that will contrast with your chosen background. If you’re having your shoot somewhere with lots of greenery, choose bright colours that contrast!

Remember to keep it simple and be true to yourselves most of all! If you’re not the type to dress up, then embrace a more casual look instead. As long as you feel comfortable with your outfit choice, whatever it is, your confidence will shine through on camera and the photos will look amazing!

Couple laughing and hugging by a fountain

4 – Consider the End Goal for your Pre Wedding Photos

You might be looking to print and frame or hang your pre wedding photos at home. If you’re anything like me you’ll have a strict colour scheme where everything needs to tie in nicely together. This thought might end up influencing your wardrobe decision and even your choice of location. Especially if it’s important for you that everything matches and looks totally on point.

Man kissing woman on the forehead with warm light through trees in the background

5 – Leave all your Baggage at Home

The last thing you want is to be weighed down on your session. Your pre wedding photoshoot is an amazing time to be totally free from the outside world and completely focussed on you. I mean, how often do you get to escape hectic daily life?! So my advice would be to leave the phones and bags at home or in the boot of your car, and just enjoy 90 minutes of peace. After all, you don’t want them to be on show in your photos anyway!

If you do need to have some things to hand, then your photographer will happily help out. I’ve been a fantastic bag and phone carrier in my time. Just don’t let me walk away with them at the end of your session! P.S. carrying duties also extend to weddings and include but are not limited to: veils, trains, bouquets, bags, shoes and glasses of Prosecco!

Close up of couple in harsh light in greenhouse with plants behind

6 – Bring a Friend

When I say bring a friend, I don’t mean bring someone to join as a third wheel, I mean your four-legged friend! Our dogs are a huge part of our family. They’re more like furry children really, aren’t they? Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for your fur babies to join in the fun on your wedding day. However, you can absolutely involve them in your pre wedding shoot! That way they’re not left out and you can have some lovely photos as a family.

Some wedding venues allow dogs which is amazing, but even if they do it’s not always practical to have them there. If your dog is anything like mine, it’s probably best that they’re not on the guest list! My dog is way too enthusiastic and dopey to be around lots of people. He’s definitely too excitable and jumpy to be around an expensive wedding dress too! Having your dog with you at your pre wedding shoot means you get the best of both worlds. They get to be part of your celebration and there’s no added pressure to keep an eye on them on your wedding day.

If you have a willing family member, it would be ideal to have a short session with your dog at the beginning or the end of your shoot. Your helpful family member or friend could then look after your dog whilst you enjoy the rest of your session.

Couple sat on canal lock with legs dangling and dog sat underneath

7 – Turn your Session into a practice Honeymoon

Forget date night, how about date day! Have a honeymoon practice run and pretend that you’re on holiday! Take the whole day for yourselves to be together. Why not stay overnight in a hotel somewhere? You could go to the spa or take a long hike in the hills. Go out for a slap-up meal or pub lunch and a drink.

Couple holding hands walking down woodland path

8 – Be Yourselves

My final top tip for your pre wedding shoot is the most important of all. Be yourself. It’s as simple as that! The absolute best advice I can give is for you to relax and have fun in your session. Be true to yourself because that makes for the best photos. Don’t worry about the camera, just embrace the fuzzy feeling of love and enjoy!

Couple laughing and hugging together

What’s the Difference between Pre Wedding and Engagement Photography?

I bet you’re thinking, aren’t they just the same thing? Well pretty much. The main difference is when your shoot takes place.

If you’re newly engaged and you haven’t even thought about wedding planning yet then an engagement shoot is a really great way to trial a photographer you like the style of and get the ball rolling. Engagement shoots are generally done soon after when you’ve still got that fuzzy feeling and you want to let everyone know about your new fiancé. Whereas a pre wedding photoshoot tends to happen a lot closer to the wedding date, six months or less usually and more often than not with the same photographer for all those lovely reasons I listed above.

Whatever you like to call them, the end result is pretty much the same. You get a full gallery of gorgeous images to look back on when you’re finally married. If you’re thinking about booking a pre wedding photoshoot or an engagement session then get in touch I’d love to hear from you!

Couple with heads together on their pre wedding shoot


You could even use your pre wedding photos and incorporate them into your wedding. Print them out for your guestbook so people can sign around them, or even use them as part of your save-the-date/change-the-date or wedding invitations. If you have your own wedding planning account or website, you’ve got your new profile picture too. The possibilities are endless!