The Best Advice for Epic Confetti Photos on Your Wedding Day!

Confetti throw outside Merchant Adventurers Hall

Confetti photos are iconic! They are one of the most instantly recognisable wedding photos and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you look at them. They’ll give you the kind of photo you’ll want to blow up huge and put on your wall, print across a double-page spread in your wedding album and have as your profile picture all at once!

Here is my advice as a photographer to make sure you get the best confetti photos at your wedding.

Bride and groom confetti throw with colourful paper

Why Confetti Photos Are a Must-Have at Your Wedding

Firstly, confetti photos always give off great energy and that’s super important as years down the line, you’ll be able to look at your photos and remember exactly how you felt on your wedding day. With your photos, you’ll be able to relive those moments over and over with a huge smile on your face!

Secondly, your guests will LOVE being involved in this moment with you. Any opportunity to launch tiny bits of paper at you, trust me they’ll be up for it! A confetti photo is a great way to get your wedding guests involved in the celebration with you and make them feel special. Afterwards, everyone will be pumped up; higher emotion levels mean better photos!

And lastly, they’re a really easy way to make a big impact and introduce a boatload of colour into your wedding. Colourful photos are the best!

GIF of wedding confetti throw

When Is the Best Time for Confetti Photos?

When planning your wedding timeline, I’d really recommend scheduling your confetti shot straight after your ceremony ends. As everyone filters out of the ceremony area they can be easily directed outside to where you want them to go. Confetti runs are so much quicker and easier to organise this way. Once your guests start heading to the bar or the loo, you’ve lost them, so for a slick operation, the best way is to exit the ceremony straight into confetti photos.

Also, it’s a great way to transition from the ceremony into the drinks reception. As everyone is together in one place, people will be lining up to hug and congratulate you, and all this positive energy and emotion means more epic natural photos! 

Top tip: As you usually leave the ceremony first, it’s a good idea to hide out of sight and have a few moments with your partner while your guests filter out. Your wedding coordinator or I will happily help to arrange guests whilst you collect your thoughts! Your wedding party can help to hand out confetti to your guests.

Flower girl handing out confetti to guests in a white basket

Two Great Ways to Arrange Your Guests for Confetti Photos

The Confetti Tunnel

This is probably the most popular yet traditional option. Guests line up on either side and as you and your partner walk through the middle, you’ll be pelted from both sides. This is a great option if you’re exiting a building as it really builds excitement for everyone. 

Bride and groom confetti run at Middletons Hotel York

The Semicircle

Another option is to stand still next to your partner and have all your guests gather around you. Everyone can give a big cheer and throw their confetti all at once! This makes an epic photo and a great fun alternative to a big group photo.

Wentbridge House Hotel wedding confetti

Why Stop at Just One Confetti Photo?!

Not satisfied with having just one set of confetti photos? You only have one wedding day right so why not go big? It’s a great idea to save some confetti for your wedding party photos. We all know how important wedding party photos are, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! It’s a fun way to get less traditional group photos. You could even save a handful for your portraits too! 

Bridesmaid group photo with pink dresses and pink confetti

An even juicier bonus – incorporating confetti cannons into your first dance is an epic way to end your wedding celebrations and give your guests a night to remember! Just make sure to check that’s all good with your venue first!

First dance at The Arches Halifax wedding

5 Tips to Get the Best Confetti Photos at Your Wedding

  1. More, more, more! However much confetti you think you need, double it. And if you really want epic photos then triple it! You can never have too much confetti but not having enough means those showstopping photos will be harder to achieve. Plus, there will always be plenty of opportunity to use any that is left over as I mentioned above.
  2. Ditch the cones and little organza bags. They’re fiddly and they only limit the amount of confetti that can be thrown at once. Instead, get one or two big baskets full and give everyone one or two huge handfuls! Use members of the wedding party to help hand it out to everyone after the ceremony.
  3. Get the good stuff! Different types of confetti will give you different results in your photos. Big pieces of coloured paper will stay in the air longer and make more of an impact, whereas dried flowers will fall quickly so you’ll need way more than you think to get a similar effect. Please use bio-degradable confetti or a similar sustainable eco-friendly option.
  4. Trust your photographer to arrange your confetti photos in the best possible spot. This might not be the most obvious option but trust us, when it comes to the best light and backdrop, we know where to go!
  5. Bring the energy! Make sure to embrace the face full of confetti and look up and smile through it all! It will no doubt end up in your mouth, your eyes, your hair and in your clothes but that’s all part of the ultimate confetti experience!
Groom picking confetti out of bride's hair

What Are Our Options if It’s Raining Outside?

Grab a few umbrellas and let’s get to it! A little bit of rain never hurt anybody. But if you’d prefer to stay dry, why not check with your venue if they allow confetti inside? The perfect opportunity to have an indoor confetti photo is as you walk back up the aisle as newlyweds. Have a few members of the wedding party hand it out to guests as you’re signing the paperwork!

What if Our Venue Doesn’t Allow Confetti?

Don’t be disheartened! There are plenty of other creative alternatives to confetti, my favourite option is bubbles. Everyone loves a go with a bubble machine!

Bubble exit at wedding

Otherwise, switching it up and having a sparkler shot in the evening is a great way to make up for not having confetti during the day. 

Where Can We Get Great Confetti?!

  • Flutter Darlings – I LOVE this website as you can pick and mix your own colours
  • Proper Confetti – They have loads of pre-mixed colour schemes to choose from
  • Your Confetti – They have heart-shaped paper too!
  • Make your own – Honestly, this would take forever and you’ll probably regret starting but if you’re super keen you can dry your own petals or cut out your own paper circles!

I hope that this advice has been helpful. Now you’ll know exactly how to get those awesome confetti photos at your wedding! You can find more helpful blog posts in my planning and inspiration section!

Little girl with pink confetti on her hands and on the floor